The island of Malta is not the best known destination in the Mediterranean, but it is an incredible gem that you should really consider visiting. It has 7000 years’ worth of rich history, which is reflected in the architecture and incredible scenery all over the islands that make up Malta. In fact, many people have described the country as one giant museum, since there is so much to see and experience.


One of the reasons Malta stands out from other similar destinations in the region, such as many parts of Spain and Greece, is that its historical areas have barely been affected by more modern developments. In fact, the vast majority of its impressive and historical buildings and ruins have been preserved very well over the centuries, so it’s still possible to see them in almost the same condition they would have been in many hundreds of years ago.

There is a huge amount of variety in the stories behind these sites too; relatively recent Christian history including St. Paul’s famous travels are documented alongside incredible ancient ruins from much further back. The origins of the Maltese islands are shrouded in mystery, but the remaining relics from a long-forgotten society indicate that relatively sophisticated communities of people lived in Malta up to 5500 years ago. The reasons why this ancient society died out or left are still unknown to this day, which only adds depth to the fascinating story you’ll learn about when visiting the island’s famous ruins.

Modern Malta offers a huge range of benefits for tourists aside from its history, however. It’s also an excellent destination for holidaymakers looking for a relaxing holiday at a luxury hotel or spa, with many fabulous options available. It’s also a top choice for people looking to learn and practice water sports and other fun activities, or even those just wanting a summer holiday in fabulous sunny weather. Malta really has something for everyone and it still hasn’t gained as much popularity as many nearby places, so now may be the perfect time to visit.