Many parents love the idea of a romantic getaway away from the kids, or even a trip alone after a particularly exhausting period of being around family-non stop. It’s not always practical to do this, but it seem the vast majority are no longer despairing.

In fact, there’s never been a better time to enjoy your family holiday to the fullest and really enjoy some quality time as a group. Here are the reasons why you might find that enjoying a trip with the whole family is actually the best decision you could make.

Travel isn’t so pricey

In the past, the only way to keep transport costs down was to drive around in a car, spending every waking moment together in a confined space. No wonder this could sometimes be a recipe for disaster, and less than appealing for both parents and kids.

Now, it’s much easier to get cheap flights to European holiday destinations, and even many countries much further away. This means the options available to larger families on a budget are a lot more open.

Accommodation is better

Families are now catered for much better in most hotels and apartments. Adjoining rooms are easier to find, and you won’t be limited to the most basic, cramped suites if you’re willing to pay a little more. In fact, larger rooms often give you better value for money than simple double rooms. Services are usually available to look after and entertain younger children, too, and standards for these have improved over the years.

It’s easy to keep kids entertained

Technology today means it’s way easier to keep your kids happy on a long journey, and even if they lose interest for a while when you’re there. Handheld devices can provide music, video, reading material, games and contact with other friends and family so nobody needs to be bored, and this takes some of the pressure off the parents.

It’s not only the journey time which has been made easier than it used to be for kids, though. Most tourist destinations now realise the value of appealing to children more than ever, since this appeals to parents by extension and keeps their attractions going. Even museums, restaurants and other grown-up places tend to cater to children much more than they used to, even just ten years ago.

Quality time for family bonding

In today’s modern lifestyle, even though a few advancements have made family holidays easier, those same factors can limit the quality time we spend interacting with our closest family members in day to day life.

A family holiday with less stress is the key to enjoying each other’s company a lot more, so hopefully your family will be able to strike the right balance here. It’s important that parents and kids all get to bond with each other while they experience brand new things and enjoy their leisure activities, so take advantage of the chance while you can.