Cyprus is a fantastic holiday destination and has a reputation for its popularity among Britons. It’s a top choice for UK residents looking to move to the Mediterranean after retirement, and is widely known for its beautiful scenery paired with great tourist-friendly resorts. Over the last few years, Cyprus has also grown in popularity as a dream wedding destination, with couples travelling from all over the world to host their marriage ceremony and celebrations there.

There are so many reasons why Cyprus is pretty much unbeatable as a destination wedding hotspot. The large population of former UK residents there and the ever-growing interest in destination weddings on the island make it very easy to find fantastic wedding planners to help organise your big day, especially when it comes to booking a venue. Beach and hotel weddings are the de facto choice for young couples, but there are also many wedding chapels and churches available. A great wedding coordinator can arrange exactly what you need, and they’re easy to come by on the island. Whether it’s a civil ceremony in a hotel or a church wedding near the beach, getting married in Cyprus can be a breeze with the right team.

For another thing, there’s the sheer beauty of the place. It’s a Mediterranean island surrounded by spectacular coastlines, blue waters and golden beaches. What more could you ask for in a wedding destination? Well, how about being the on the Island of Love? That’s exactly what you’ll get here, as the Greek goddess of love Aphrodite was said to have first walked the Earth right here. You can actually have your wedding ceremony on the very beach where she rose out of the sea, according to legend.

Cyprus enjoys warm sunny weather almost all year round which pretty much guarantees you great conditions for your wedding day. This is really handy as it gives you extra flexibility when setting your date. In the UK, you’re probably confined to just a few weeks of sunshine if you’re hoping for an outdoor wedding, and predicting when those few days will fall next year is impossible.

Another difference when comparing these two options is the overall cost. A UK wedding venue, plus all your staff, supplies and entertainment, come at a huge premium before you even consider accommodating your guests. In Cyprus, the biggest cost will most likely be the airfare for yourselves and your guests, but since everybody gets a holiday included, we think it’s well worth it. The added benefit is that everything once you’re there, from hotels to food, is significantly less costly. This really adds up and can allow you to have a much more extravagant wedding abroad than if you were to have it closer to home.