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Top destinations for food lovers

japanese food

People travel the world for many reasons. It could be to gain new experience, see new places or learn about other cultures. For some, trying out traditional foods from all around the world is one of the main reasons that drive people to travel. For food travellers like us, it’s essential to know which destinations have the best foods to offer. After doing a few research, we’ve come up with a list of top destinations for food lovers.


Japan is known for serving the best and freshest sushi in the world! If you’re a big fan of sushi, then Japan should be on the top of your list. Apart from their traditional sushi, Japan also offers a variety of sushi selections that you’ve probably never heard of. We highly recommend visiting the local fish market for the best choices.

Ramens are served in restaurants and street vendors, and they have the best selections in Japan! Travelling to Japan would be a dream come true for anyone who’s a big fan of Japanese foods!

street food


The Philippines is filled with many street food vendors who are serving all kinds of Filipino traditional meals. To start your street food journey, we recommend visiting Manila, where you can find lots of food markets and street foods sellers. If it’s your first time visiting the country, we recommend trying out a dish called “adobo” or “tapsilog”, which are both known to be one of their famous dishes.

While you’re in the Philippines, you could also visit one of their islands called Palawan. This place is another excellent destination for food travellers as they serve high-quality traditional foods. Not only do they have great food, but the Philippines is also known for having some of the best beaches in the world.


Switzerland is known for making the finest cheese and chocolates in the entire world. So if you’re a big fan of both, then it’s a great destination to explore. They have large factories for cheese and chocolates that are all open to everyone. For cheese lovers, we recommend taking the tour to the Maison du Gruyere.

What you need to bring on a road trip

road trip

A road trip with your friends or family is a great travel experience. But if you’ve never been on a road trip before, you may want to come prepared for a long road ahead. Below are some of our tips on what you should bring on a road trip.


If you’re travelling far, it would be wise to bring your snacks in case you get hungry. You can also save money by bringing your snacks instead of buying them from a local gas station. Depending on where you’re travelling, sometimes, it may take time to find a place where you can buy your food. So it’s always essential to bring your food in case of emergencies. Some examples of snacks that you could bring can be a bag of nuts, dried fruits, fresh fruits, biscuits or a pack of sweets and chocolate.


When travelling to places you’ve never been, it would be ideal to bring GPS navigation to help guide you on the road. Using a Google map from your phone is also useful; however, it won’t be reliable in a situation where you can’t connect to your Wi-Fi.


For a sturdy and robust bag, we recommend bringing a duffel bag for your clothing and essentials. Duffel bags come in big sizes and are flexible when stored behind the boot. Most duffel bags are also rainproof. Bringing a small carrier bag for your important belongings would also be essential.


Road trips tend to be long, which is why wearing and bringing comfortable clothes is the way to go. You should bring clothes that are breathable and loose as you will be wearing them most of the time when you’re inside the car. In case of the weather changes, you could bring umbrellas or waterproof shoes and coats.

Best sailing destinations in Europe

dalmatian coast

Europe is one of the best sailing destinations in the world as you get to explore many countries during your trip. Each European countries have something unique to offer, and you’ll get to explore different cultures and places at the same time. No matter what kind of holiday activities you’re into, you’ll have plenty of options available. As you will be hopping from islands to another, it’s important to plan your journey ahead. Below are some of the best sailing destinations in Europe that you can add to your itinerary.

Dalmatian Coast (Croatia)

Croatia is a beautiful country filled with many beaches and small islands that you can easily explore using a boat. There are approximately 1185 islands in the country which is plenty for you to explore. The islands are situated just by the crystalline coast of Adriatic. An island that we highly recommend includes the Pakleni islands which have hidden lagoons and beaches. For a more historical tour, we recommend visiting the remote island of Vis which is another stunning location filled with history and cultural cuisines.

Rugen Island
Rugen Island (Germany)

The Rugen island of Germany is one of the largest islands in the country. It is also known for its holiday resort as it offers everything you will need on holiday including beach, seafood, promenade, warm weather and so much more. If you’re not into the regular beach holiday, you can explore other parts of the island including old villages, churches and museums.

Ionian Islands (Greece)

The Ionian island has amazing beach sceneries, and it’s also known for its blue sea water. It also offers plenty of natural attractions including mountains, waterfall and wildlife. The island can be explored on foot or bicycle. One of their wildlife attractions includes a zoo filled with turtles and monk seals. As with many islands, the Ionian has plenty of fresh seafood available in restaurants.

Travelling to Europe by Train


The train is one of the best transport you can use to get around different places and countries in Europe. However, if it’s your first time, it’s ideal to plan your journey ahead. Travelling can be stressful and tiring so planning your route in advance can help reduce stress and hassle. Below are some of our tips on how to travel to Europe by train.

Rail pass

The first step is to find out as much as you can about all the different rail passes available to you. If you’re looking to travel to various European countries at once, the interrail pass will be the most suitable. With this kind of pass, you can find a different itinerary or create your route based on where you can travel to. If you’re on a tight budget, booking an individual ticket will save you more money.


When booking your rail pass, you may want to think about reserving a seat in journeys where it tends to be busier. Although seat reservation may not be available at all times, it’s ideal to reserve a seat especially when you’re travelling for long hours.


Travelling from country to country can be exhausting when you’re carrying a lot of baggage. For this kind of journey, it’s important to pack light which means only packing the essentials. It will make your trip easier especially when you’re hopping in and out of trains or buses. Ideally, you should pack a couple of clothes, snacks and a few things that will help you keep busy during your trip.

Safety and belongings

When travelling in different countries, you’ll always need to have your guard up and always look out for your belongings. It’s also important to be aware of pickpocketers in big cities. It’s wise to invest on bag locks and waist pack to keep your belongings safe.

The best small villages around the world


A lot of people often travel to the cities, but did you know there are also many small town villages all over the world that are also worth the visit? Visiting a small town is great to see and have a feel of the authenticity of the country’s culture. Often the small villages have a more traditional feel compared to the city. No matter where you are planning to travel, whether its Asia, Europe or America, don’t forget to check out some of their beautiful small town villages. We’ve listed some of the best towns in the world below.


Kawagoe, Japan

Kawagoe is known for having kept the old structures and buildings in Japan that were built back in 1638. It’s the only town in Japan that has some of the oldest buildings in the country. Many tourists will visit the town to see the oldest clock tower that was also rebuilt and known as Toki no Kane which is still intact and still being used in specific hours. Kawagoe is only 60 minutes away from Tokyo by train which isn’t too far to travel to.

Penestanan, Indonesia

Penestanan is home to some of the most famous painters in India. The town is also named as ‘Artists Village’ in India. The village is surrounded by a variety of traditional villas, landmarks and natural farming. It’s the perfect area where you can get away from the busy life of the city and enjoy the natural surroundings and relaxing atmosphere of Penestanan. You will find some cafes, stalls and large rice fields all around. It is the perfect countryside of India.

Guatape, Colombia

The small village called Guatape in Colombia is filled with bright and colourful buildings that surround the whole village. No matter where you go around the town, you will find some artistic paint and bright colours of almost everything! Their public motor transport are even painted with eye-popping colours! It’s a lively village that’s worth seeing.

Kyoto Vegan and Vegetarian Cuisines


Kyoto is situated in Japan and is known for its historic destination. Many travellers all around the world visit Kyoto to see its remarkable temples, museums and shrines that represents Buddhism. As Kyoto is one of the main homes for Buddhist, many local restaurants are are catering vegetarian meals mainly because Buddhists are mostly vegetarian.


Their main popular vegetarian dish is called Shoji ryori which is a mix of vegetables tofu and plants. You will see the dish is served in almost every restaurant in town. Moreover, Kyoto is known to have over 100 vegetarian restaurants. It’s the perfect place for a vegan who is looking for more varieties of vegan dishes. Although most of the vegetarian is traditional cuisines, you can also find a variety of other vegan dishes from Italy and France.

Vegan restaurants and cafe

The Morpho Cafe is one of the most popular cafes in Kyoto. They serve fresh dish which mainly includes vegetables, salad and tofus. Their hot drinks and cold drinks are all served with soya milk which is perfect for vegan and vegetarians. The atmosphere of the cafe has a very cool vibe and they are also known for serving unique dishes that include tofu burgers and vegan curry.

Macrobiotics Prunus

The restaurant serves a vegan-macrobiotic restaurant which means all their dishes doesn’t have any animal ingredients. The owner named Yuka highly believes about the importance of eating fresh vegan foods for a healthier body. Yuka welcomes all travellers around the world and loves to chat with anyone about her dishes.

Fortune Garden Kyoto

The fortune garden provides an exquisite food service from start to finish. Their main menus consist of vegetarian French dishes. They also provide a test sample for some of their dishes to all their customers. Their venue has also a traditional Japanese yet modern vibe.

Places to see in Laos


Laos is the capital of Vientiane which is situated in Asia. Like many other places in Asia, Laos offers many historical and cultural areas which are visited by many travellers around the world. So if you happen to stop by in Laos or are planning to visit the city, why not check out our recommendations below.

Buddha Park

Buddha Park is filled with plenty of Buddha statues. It is one of the biggest parks in Laos as it has over 200 statues of Buddhas! So if you’re a big fan of Buddhism, you will definitely wouldn’t want to miss out. It’s a magnificent scenery for travellers who also love to take photographs and capture all the amazing sculptures and statues of Buddhas.

Night Market

If you have been around Asia, then you’re aware of the night markets. The whole places come alive at night with a variety of stalls that offers traditional foods and different kinds of goods. You can find almost anything by strolling around the night market. The market is located in Mekong River.

Wat That Luang

The Wat That Luang is a national monument of Laos. The building also symbolises the Buddhist religion. It is filled with golden temples and various sculptures of Buddha and surrounded by a stunning garden.

Mekong River

The Mekong River is perfect for any travellers that love the natural surroundings. You can walk alongside the river and enjoy the scenery. There are also a couple of cafes and stalls where you can have a snack or simply shop around.


The Patuxai is a war monument that resembles the Arc de Triomphe in France. Patuxai is the remembrance of those who fought against the French back in the war. You can also walk to the top of the monument and enjoy the beautiful panoramic view of Laos.

The Best European Countries For Road Trips

Europe is a fantastic, varied continent for exploring by road, so it’s no surprise that many people love to forget paying for expensive flights or trains and simply drive themselves around. This way, you get full control over your route and you can explore everything at your own pace, plus there’s almost no place on the continent you can’t reach by road (once you cross the English Channel, of course).

So what kind of trip are you looking for? Europe has everything, from rocky coastlines to sandy beaches, lush countryside to busy cities. Perhaps you’d like to see as much variation as possible? But in any case, you will need to plan a smart route. Here are some of the best countries for exploring by road, which might make your shortlist.

France – Pretty much the easiest continental country for UK residents to explore by road, France is just a short ferry journey away. Just remember to switch sides of the road when you arrive, and you’ll be able to explore whatever you like. Take a tour of the countryside in search of the finest French vineyards, drive up to some of the world’s favourite ski resorts, or take a tour of the glamorous holiday hotspots in the south.

Italy – With several famous, historic cities to visit, each packed with attractions both ancient and modern, Italy offers a great selection of man-made wonders. Its natural landscape is equally beautiful, though, varying from the snowy slopes in the north to the surprisingly green coastlines further south. Travelling by car is an ideal way to see it all.

Portugal – With a surprising history that most people know little of, Portugal has a huge amount to offer if you choose to explore it by road. Medieval wars, devastating earthquakes and the waves of the Atlantic Ocean have shaped both this country’s history and its geography. Beautiful architecture, delicious food and a friendly culture are all benefits of Portugal which you can experience for yourself on a road trip.

Britain – Of course, one option for Brits is to stay at home and enjoy everything the UK has to offer. What could be easier? Take a road trip to a part of the country you’ve never really seen, and find out what you’ve been missing all these years. You might be surprised how much natural beauty we really have, and there are many underrated towns and cities to visit across the country too.

The Most Impressive Palaces & Castles In Europe

Europe is famed for its fascinating and varied history, spanning a huge period of time and leaving behind many physical reminders of ages gone by. Many of these include grand castles, palaces and royal buildings which are dotted throughout most countries on the continent. Visiting all of them may be almost impossible, but here are just a few of the best places to see.

Neuschwanstein Castle – Germany

Bearing a striking resemblance to the classic Disney castle, this fairytale royal home is one of Europe’s most iconic and it would seem wrong to start our list with anything else. Dominating the landscape from its raised pedestal in the Bavarian forest, Neuschwanstein welcomes nearly 1.5 million tourists every year.

Château de Chambord – France

Incredibly, this extravagant castle was only constructed as a symbol of power, and was used as an elaborate show home but not properly lived in by its owner, François I, for more than a few days in total. The king’s grand design was completed in 1519, and is one of only a few French palaces which remains almost entirely the same today.

Palace of Pena – Portugal

Alongside the famous ruins of Sintra, not far from the capital of Lisbon, this impressive and colourful Portuguese palace dates from the 19th century. Although the building itself is truly unique and inspiring, the grounds were designed to be almost equally impressive, boasting hundreds of different types of trees.

Eltz Castle – Germany

The Germans really love their fairytale-inspired castles, and this beautiful example has sat in the heart of Eltz Forest for close to 900 years. Its wonderful blue roof tiles and timber-framed towers are immaculately maintained, so they look just as impressive as they would have in the Middle Ages.

Windsor Castle – England

As British castles and palaces go, you may find yourself somewhat spoilt for choice, with impressive royal homes from across the centuries dotted throughout the country. However, one of the most immaculate and impressive examples is Windsor Castle, which holds the impressive record for being both the oldest and the largest castle in the world to still serve as a reigning monarch’s official home. When The Queen isn’t at home, however, part of the castle is open to the public and is one of the finest examples in Europe.

Why Family Holidays Are Actually The Best Kind

Many parents love the idea of a romantic getaway away from the kids, or even a trip alone after a particularly exhausting period of being around family-non stop. It’s not always practical to do this, but it seem the vast majority are no longer despairing.

In fact, there’s never been a better time to enjoy your family holiday to the fullest and really enjoy some quality time as a group. Here are the reasons why you might find that enjoying a trip with the whole family is actually the best decision you could make.

Travel isn’t so pricey

In the past, the only way to keep transport costs down was to drive around in a car, spending every waking moment together in a confined space. No wonder this could sometimes be a recipe for disaster, and less than appealing for both parents and kids.

Now, it’s much easier to get cheap flights to European holiday destinations, and even many countries much further away. This means the options available to larger families on a budget are a lot more open.

Accommodation is better

Families are now catered for much better in most hotels and apartments. Adjoining rooms are easier to find, and you won’t be limited to the most basic, cramped suites if you’re willing to pay a little more. In fact, larger rooms often give you better value for money than simple double rooms. Services are usually available to look after and entertain younger children, too, and standards for these have improved over the years.

It’s easy to keep kids entertained

Technology today means it’s way easier to keep your kids happy on a long journey, and even if they lose interest for a while when you’re there. Handheld devices can provide music, video, reading material, games and contact with other friends and family so nobody needs to be bored, and this takes some of the pressure off the parents.

It’s not only the journey time which has been made easier than it used to be for kids, though. Most tourist destinations now realise the value of appealing to children more than ever, since this appeals to parents by extension and keeps their attractions going. Even museums, restaurants and other grown-up places tend to cater to children much more than they used to, even just ten years ago.

Quality time for family bonding

In today’s modern lifestyle, even though a few advancements have made family holidays easier, those same factors can limit the quality time we spend interacting with our closest family members in day to day life.

A family holiday with less stress is the key to enjoying each other’s company a lot more, so hopefully your family will be able to strike the right balance here. It’s important that parents and kids all get to bond with each other while they experience brand new things and enjoy their leisure activities, so take advantage of the chance while you can.

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