If there is a country where you can enjoy great and delicious food, it is Turkey. The country is known to have foods that are enjoyed by visitors and locals because of their delicacy and uniqueness. The foods are prepared with a combination of ingredients and flavours that are blended together for form dishes. The dishes in Turkey are known to have a lot of influence in a number of cultures including the Balkans, Middle Eastern, Greek and the ottomans. The traditional foods in the country vary from one region to the other. This article provides you with some of the most popular traditional foods in Turkey.


This is a very simple dish that is still very popular in Turkey. It is not surprising that you will find a lot of people taking it for breakfast either in their home or restaurants. The most popular choices are the tomato or lentil soup, but in case you are the kind of people who are adventurous with your culinary preferences you need to try sheep brain, tripe, and tongue soap. In the North East of Turkey, black cabbage soup is very popular.


Gozleme is another traditional food in the country that is popular at local markets. It is tasty, filling and cheap, meaning that even if you are operating on a budget, you can enjoy this traditional dish. In the past, it was considered as working man’s food. It is in form of layered pastry that is filled with several fillings such as cheese, spinach, parsley and potatoes. It is usually cooked on a large grill and is served together with Ayran or tea and is a great choice for a great lunch.


This is another type of street food that is popular served in beach cities and resorts. It is a jacket potato that has a crisp outer skin and is soft and mashed up with butter. It is usually filled using pickles, sausage, cheese or Russian Salad.


Pide is one of the most popular dishes in lokantas, which are hotels that serve traditional and cheap Turkish food. It is a thin crust of pastry that is covered with toppings including diced meat, cheese, egg, tuna or chicken and then it is put into a high heat stone oven. It is a lot like the western world Pizza.


This is the Turkish form of meatballs. It is provided in a wrap as street food or served together with rice and salad in hotels. The taste differs depending on the region that the recipe comes from.


This is the most popular traditional food in Turkey that suits everyone with a sweet tooth. It has a lot of influence from the Ottoman Empire and contains layers of filo pastries, filled with nuts and then covered with syrup and sweet honey. You can also buy it from pastry stores or supermarket.


This is a traditional food that is eaten as an appetizer and is usually eaten before a meal as an appetizer. You can also eat them as snack because it is possible for them to make you full.