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Kyoto Vegan and Vegetarian Cuisines


Kyoto is situated in Japan and is known for its historic destination. Many travellers all around the world visit Kyoto to see its remarkable temples, museums and shrines that represents Buddhism. As Kyoto is one of the main homes for Buddhist, many local restaurants are are catering vegetarian meals mainly because Buddhists are mostly vegetarian.


Their main popular vegetarian dish is called Shoji ryori which is a mix of vegetables tofu and plants. You will see the dish is served in almost every restaurant in town. Moreover, Kyoto is known to have over 100 vegetarian restaurants. It’s the perfect place for a vegan who is looking for more varieties of vegan dishes. Although most of the vegetarian is traditional cuisines, you can also find a variety of other vegan dishes from Italy and France.

Vegan restaurants and cafe

The Morpho Cafe is one of the most popular cafes in Kyoto. They serve fresh dish which mainly includes vegetables, salad and tofus. Their hot drinks and cold drinks are all served with soya milk which is perfect for vegan and vegetarians. The atmosphere of the cafe has a very cool vibe and they are also known for serving unique dishes that include tofu burgers and vegan curry.

Macrobiotics Prunus

The restaurant serves a vegan-macrobiotic restaurant which means all their dishes doesn’t have any animal ingredients. The owner named Yuka highly believes about the importance of eating fresh vegan foods for a healthier body. Yuka welcomes all travellers around the world and loves to chat with anyone about her dishes.

Fortune Garden Kyoto

The fortune garden provides an exquisite food service from start to finish. Their main menus consist of vegetarian French dishes. They also provide a test sample for some of their dishes to all their customers. Their venue has also a traditional Japanese yet modern vibe.

7 Top Traditional Foods in Turkey

7 Top Traditional Foods in Turkey

If there is a country where you can enjoy great and delicious food, it is Turkey. The country is known to have foods that are enjoyed by visitors and locals because of their delicacy and uniqueness. The foods are prepared with a combination of ingredients and flavours that are blended together for form dishes. The dishes in Turkey are known to have a lot of influence in a number of cultures including the Balkans, Middle Eastern, Greek and the ottomans. The traditional foods in the country vary from one region to the other. This article provides you with some of the most popular traditional foods in Turkey.


This is a very simple dish that is still very popular in Turkey. It is not surprising that you will find a lot of people taking it for breakfast either in their home or restaurants. The most popular choices are the tomato or lentil soup, but in case you are the kind of people who are adventurous with your culinary preferences you need to try sheep brain, tripe, and tongue soap. In the North East of Turkey, black cabbage soup is very popular.

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