Tips for Travelling to Romania

August 20, 2016 Go Discover 0

Romania is probably one of the most underrated countries in Europe. Many tourists from the west aren’t really aware of all the benefits of visiting this wonderful place, and don’t even realise how spectacular it […]

Why You Should Visit Malta

July 23, 2016 Go Discover 0

The island of Malta is not the best known destination in the Mediterranean, but it is an incredible gem that you should really consider visiting. It has 7000 years’ worth of rich history, which is […]

7 Top Traditional Foods in Turkey

August 10, 2015 Go Discover 0

If there is a country where you can enjoy great and delicious food, it is Turkey. The country is known to have foods that are enjoyed by visitors and locals because of their delicacy and uniqueness. The foods are prepared with a combination of ingredients and flavours that are blended together for form dishes. […]

History of Turkey

May 26, 2015 Go Discover 0

Turkey is one of the countries in the world that has a rich history. The history of the country covers a time frame of more than four thousand years. It is believed that the Turks […]